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I.D. Card Holders, Plastic Card Accessories


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I.D. Card Holders

I.D. CARD HOLDERS – Get them in Customized Shapes and Designs

Identity cards are essential to distinguish between people concerned with organizations. For corporate establishments, ID card is a must due to large number of employees. We understand the quantum and have handy solutions for several concerns generated at corporate level. We have an exclusive range of I.D Card Pocket or card holder to enable appropriate display of ID card at work. Many times these cards are embedded with security protocols and we ensure correct design of pockets or holders to ensure smooth operation of cards at these security checking terminals.

Get everything you desire!

Usually ID cards are of two types, portrait and landscape. We have card holder portrait and card holder landscape to serve both types of cards. We have custom solutions to suit your needs. We can provide ID card holder with arm band for wearing it comfortably. In addition to it, we also have variety of card holders like reflective arm band holders, rigid card holder with open face in portrait and landscape type, multiple card holders, polycarbonate enclosure with card slider, lockable card holder with locking key, polypropylene card enclosures, double sided rigid card holders, and completely lockable enclosure card holders. We provide one key with pack of 100 enclosures. We also have simple plastic card holders ideal to use for temporary purposes like events or corporate meetings. We ensure to understand every requirement you may have and are ready with legible and economical solutions.

Seamless advantages!

We have a unique and practical insight and offer integrated solutions to fulfill your demands. Our lockable ID card holders offer complete protection from tampering of the card. HR managers can issue and lock enclosure for enhanced safety and precaution from misuse. These ID card holders are completely water resistant and work in all seasons.  Apart from being highly aesthetical, these are utility based enclosures. Our card holders provide seamless uniformity and look highly professional. If you decide to select from our wide range of lanyards, you can get it customized to suit your requirements. In fact, we will be happy to help you with vibrant ideas and suggestions. We have family owned business for more than 30 years and we take pride to assist you with plausible solutions for your needs. We ensure absolute quality and timely delivery and are passionate about being creative. We are always ready to serve you, anytime and every time!