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ID Card Clip, ID Card accessories


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I.D. Card Clips

Clip well with I.D. CARD CLIPS!

Utility of ID card and its holder becomes viable with ID card wearing accessories. We have huge collection of appropriate accessories that suits to your taste, style, and requirements. We boast to be the most comprehensive ID card clip manufacturers and do supply wide range of variety to enhance the experience of wearing a perfect identity card. These clips have several functionalities; apart from fastening the card these clips enhance the aesthetic look. When worn on large scale like a corporate office employees, these clips ascertain uniformity.

Fix it right with magnet!

Our conference badge magnet offers unique means to attach badges during conferences. This is a two part assembly and contains self-adhesive side to stick the badge and the magnetic portion goes to the cloth of the wearer. Simple yet unique, these fixings do offer elegant look while in conferences. ID card supplies are our specialty and this wide range of clips complement ID cards with gorgeous look. Being ID card clip manufacturer, we provide aesthetic solutions with elegance and style. ID card clip holders come handy and simplify the task of carrying and displaying ID cards at various occasions. ID card accessories come in a versatile range and are available in economic range too.

Connections are important!

Your attire is complete representation of yourself and your ID card shoulders the responsibility of the right representation of an organization. It needs to be properly presentable and in accordance with general rules of wearing accessories. We help you to appear professional with our supply of accessories. We offer permanent wear accessories and also temporary wear accessories. ID badge strap clips are plastic clips that hold the card. These are the most ideal for everyday wear. We also have plastic luggage loop, which helps you to wear ID card in a fashionable way. To enhance this feeling we also have leather luggage straps made up of pure leather and are beautifully crafted to décor your attire.

Utility and elegance!

Our exclusive collection of lapel clip, crocodile clip, and pin clip ensures complete utility and usability. We are concerned about the performance of our promotional products and accessories and ensure that you will never get disappointed. Our benchmark of quality monitoring is critical and products passed through stringent quality checks are only available for shipment. Some of our elegant products are very popular like Magname. We undertake all precautions and strive to serve you with best of these contemporary accessories at reasonable prices.