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Custom tokens coins, promotional tokens


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Customised Tokens

Customised Tokens are a Practical Promotional Tool for any Hospitality or Event Organiser.  Tokens can be purchased in advance for the sale of Meals and Drinks, minimising the security risks of having cash on site at Events.

Tokens are redeemable and can be recycled many times over. Both sides can be branded or embossed with your details making Customised Tokens a Unique Marketing Tool.


Printing Options:

  • Round, Hexagonal and Rectangular Tokens
  • Embossed
  • Printed Full Colour
  • Transparent Tokens
  • Biodegradable Eco Tokens
  • Minimum Order 1000 Units
  • 3 Week Delivery

Promote Your Product With Promotional Tokens

Talking about promotional activities the first thing that would come to your mind is something that is free on offer. Yes they are. For that there are various methods used by different companies. Some use promotional tokens while some believe in custom made tokens. Custom tokens are normally given to specific customers and not to everyone. Some rectangular tokens are also part of the promotional coins.

What all this does is it encourages people to buy the product for which you are applying all these promotional offers. It also advertises the name of your company. Although it is an expensive way of letting people know about the launch of your product it is rest assured that you will get the benefit at the end of the day. Some companies are so good that they use biodegradable eco tokens which will not harm nature if people dispose them off after using.