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Fabric wristbands for events


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Textile Wristbands

Produced from a special mix of Nylon & Cotton Fibers

Available with Plastic Popper or Aluminum Closure

Also Available Sliding Tube Enclosure 

***No Crimp Tool Required***

Minimum Order: 200 Units

Delivery: 2 Weeks


Printing Options

 Allowed up to 8 Colours per Wristband

Coloured Closure


Serial Numbering



The modern and lively form a wristband nowadays is the textile wristbands. 

These are mainly used for promoting any event and you can wear it for as long as you like. These fabric wristbands for events leave a good reputation on your company to the people who have attended the event.

 They are quite easy to wear because they have adjustable straps so that you can take it off and wear it some other time. Some personalised textile wristbands are very good looking considering that they are just wristbands. They can catch the attention of anyone and if you are wearing festival fabric wristbands then it gives an added glamour to your style statement. Sometimes the textile wristband manufacturer is ordered to give numbers at the back of the textile wristbands which they produce. This maintains a sequential order as to which person has got what number so that it helps to keep a track of them.